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Earth Pulse Vibrations – Sky

Some more experiments, some aspects of the type will change after today. Specifically in “Earth”. I’ll be posting updates and my progress on this project more frequently from now on.


the three.

To pick three of my own favorite designs is a difficult choice to make, not because I have a lot of favorites, but quite the opposite. I’m a pretty harsh critic when it comes to my own creations, this is even true with my photography, so picking three for this post was quite difficult. My first choice was the lowercase “h” I created for my font (H is for Hoax), my favorite part of the h is the details, specifically the ascender and head serif, I’d like to believe that we’re seeing “inside”, like an x-ray.

The second design I chose to show is a poster design that I’m still working on, the title (a work in progress) is “Fall of Reach”, its a tribute to the videogame Halo. I like the simplicity of it and the focus on the center of the poster, it could possibly make the viewer contemplate what they’re looking at and that’s usually a good thing.

The third and final design is also a poster, done for a course in university, we had various choices of posters to design, I chose to create a fictional movie poster based on Year Zero, the Nine Inch Nails album. I had decided from the start to take my own photo for the background and I think that’s why I have a soft spot for this poster.


Graphic Design?

To pick one form of graphic design is a difficult choice. I’m interested in graphic design because I love typography, but I also love poster designs and advertising design, I also happen to be interested in title sequences and the challenge of creating a corporate identity design. For the sake of this assignment, I’ll choose poster design, because you can incorporate many things into a poster, photography, typography, illustrations and obviously they should be all backed up by a powerful, solid concept and composition.

One designer springs to mind when I think of poster design and that’s David Carson. I like the fact that he broke the rules and pulled off some pretty unconventional, but amazing designs. What I also like about Carson is that he’s able to merge photography and design pretty efficiently. He is so influential that his “unconventional” designs have kind of become conventional because there have been so many designers that attempt to mimic Carson’s style.


For something to be dynamic it requires a certain type of energy or “power”, not really needing to show motion. There are many graphic designers who create dynamic poster designs or CD covers without necessarily showing any real type of movement. The typography or some form of graphic might be positioned in a certain way, shaped in a certain way or placed in a certain way to show some form of dynamic design, but no “real” movement could be shown. I believe that more print designers should experiment and focus on introducing this type of dynamism in their designs to keep things interesting and fresh.