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Left vs. Right

Left vs. Right, originally uploaded by i.embrace.

Was shot during the period I was working on my personal identity.


My Photography.

This is a photograph I took near the port of Byblos, I noticed that the reflection of the sky was quite amazing against the calm water and once my friend started walking on the rocks near the water I just had to capture it. When I got home and took a look at the shot, I realized that the photo looked even better upside down and even then, people have a difficult time telling if they’re looking at a reflection or not, until they realize rocks don’t exist in the sky.

This is another one of my favorite shots and I really love it because its difficult to tell what it really is and many people analyze it differently. This is actually a shot of a puddle of water on the ground, but instead of focusing on the puddle, I focused on the ground next to it, causing this reflection to blur, the final step I took was to flip the photo to the side, which added to the confusion of what the picture is really of.

Nagib Khazaka.

When I first heard of Nagib Khazaka, I was told that he primarily shoots architectural photography, but I was not sure what type of architectural photography he was into, because there are a lot of styles and some of them could be quite uninteresting and difficult to appreciate. I didn’t know what to really expect from his photographs so I didn’t set any specific expectations. Now once I sat in my seat and Nagib Khazaka started speaking, things started to change. He had this really friendly aura and has a really cool, humorous and laid back way of doing things, he was passionate, but he didn’t take things too seriously in the lecture so that we as an audience would enjoy his presentation more, which he did [presented] quite well.

There isn’t one particular aspect of the lecture that I enjoyed the most, the whole lecture in general was interesting. I really enjoyed his portfolio because I didn’t really know what to expect, so when I first saw the interior shot of what I believe was a museum, I was amazed. The composition, the lighting and the quality of the photograph really got to me, not only was his architectural photography impressive, but he had an intensive collection of portrait photography, which impressed me as much. The angles he took the shots, the lighting, quite simple in some shots, was spectacular and the whole experience was pretty inspirational for me, especially since my mind had had a creative block and he has inspired me to start taking more pictures. Hopefully I’ll be able to work with him in one of his workshops soon enough.

You can visit his site here.

Traversing Through.



Overhead C