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Experimental Jetset & Helvetica

I <3 Helvetica

After watching the documentary movie Helvetica I felt a strange feeling of joy. How can a whole documentary revolving around a font make me feel joy? Then I came to the realization that I love Helvetica. Even before watching the movie, Helvetica was one of the few fonts that I constantly used in my designs. It was interesting to hear the different opinions of various designers that I admire and respect [David Carson, Stephan Sagmeister, Wim Crouwel]  and getting introduced to designers like Michael C. Place, Neville Brody and the Experimental Jetset.

While researching these designers, I enjoyed looking at the minimalistic, type focused designs by Experimental Jetset. Experimental Jetset is a Dutch based graphic design company funded by Marieke Stolk, Danny van den Dungen and Erwin Brinker. They’re known for using Helvetica in most of their designs, which are conceptual and minimalistic.

Experimental Jetset.


Graphic Design?

To pick one form of graphic design is a difficult choice. I’m interested in graphic design because I love typography, but I also love poster designs and advertising design, I also happen to be interested in title sequences and the challenge of creating a corporate identity design. For the sake of this assignment, I’ll choose poster design, because you can incorporate many things into a poster, photography, typography, illustrations and obviously they should be all backed up by a powerful, solid concept and composition.

One designer springs to mind when I think of poster design and that’s David Carson. I like the fact that he broke the rules and pulled off some pretty unconventional, but amazing designs. What I also like about Carson is that he’s able to merge photography and design pretty efficiently. He is so influential that his “unconventional” designs have kind of become conventional because there have been so many designers that attempt to mimic Carson’s style.