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the PS3 Rebranding.

Sony announced the PS3 Slim last night, and with that, a rebranding of the PS3 logo. Gone is the Spiderman type, and in is the aesthetically curvy, pleasing PS2 inspired logo.


(source Kotaku)


the three.

To pick three of my own favorite designs is a difficult choice to make, not because I have a lot of favorites, but quite the opposite. I’m a pretty harsh critic when it comes to my own creations, this is even true with my photography, so picking three for this post was quite difficult. My first choice was the lowercase “h” I created for my font (H is for Hoax), my favorite part of the h is the details, specifically the ascender and head serif, I’d like to believe that we’re seeing “inside”, like an x-ray.

The second design I chose to show is a poster design that I’m still working on, the title (a work in progress) is “Fall of Reach”, its a tribute to the videogame Halo. I like the simplicity of it and the focus on the center of the poster, it could possibly make the viewer contemplate what they’re looking at and that’s usually a good thing.

The third and final design is also a poster, done for a course in university, we had various choices of posters to design, I chose to create a fictional movie poster based on Year Zero, the Nine Inch Nails album. I had decided from the start to take my own photo for the background and I think that’s why I have a soft spot for this poster.


Halo 3 icons & symbols

We see hundreds if not thousands of icons and symbols living our daily lives; Whenever we’re on our computers, when we shop, as we drive or walk through the streets and we also happen to find icons and symbols in video games, and that’s where my favorites usually are. My ideal set at the moment comes from Halo 3’s multiplayer mode, these are used to create an identity for your character and are used in menu’s and even placed on your characters armor in-game. You can slightly alter each icon and color them whichever you see fit and place various backgrounds behind the icon [these can range from shapes to gradients], making each one unique to your own taste.

Halo 3

Toshio Iwai.

I know Toshio Iwai from his experimental Nintendo DS video game Electroplankton, he is also known for his interactive media and installation art. He’s also worked in television, music performance, museum design and digital musical instrument design. He’s known for creating amazing [experimental] visuals for music. The reason I enjoy T. Iwa’s work is because he doesn’t do things the conventional way, especially something like Electroplankton, a video game that received a lot of praise but also a lot of criticism because it was so unconventional. In its true form Electroplankton is one of the most interactive video games, being able to interact with various “Planktons” to create different sounds and rhythms, you can even use your voice and various sounds to create music and different visuals. The only real complaint people had about this game is the fact that there is no real way of saving the song or audio you create, but at the same time thats the beauty of the game, because chances are, the next time you start up the game there is no way you can create the same exact sound or song.