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Daylight, originally uploaded by i.embrace.


Left vs. Right

Left vs. Right, originally uploaded by i.embrace.

Was shot during the period I was working on my personal identity.

Trash turned into fantastic creatures.

Artist Brandon Jan Blommaert, has created creatures out of trash in his project Eco Station and sets them against epic landscapes, making them the appearance of giant aliens exploring a new world.   

You can check out the making of Eco Station here

(source Ffffound)

Update: Earth Pulse Vibrations – the Earth Edition

Magazine Spreads : Space

I had a project to design 2 spreads and a cover for a magazine called “Space”, we could choose what our space is. I chose the space “in” my head. My thoughts, etc.

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Earth Pulse Vibrations – Sky

Some more experiments, some aspects of the type will change after today. Specifically in “Earth”. I’ll be posting updates and my progress on this project more frequently from now on.

Earth Pulse Vibrations

I’ve been experimenting with some photography techniques, and I started messing around with Free Lensing which is really interesting and fun to work with. Its difficult to get a hang of and needs some practice, but the end results can be really aesthetically pleasing.       

I’m also working on my Identity for a university project, messing around with type and photography, creating mood boards, this will probably be the most challenging project I’ve worked on because its personal, and in my opinion the more personal it is, the more difficult it gets. I have a few more ideas to play around with…