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Daylight, originally uploaded by i.embrace.


Trash turned into fantastic creatures.

Artist Brandon Jan Blommaert, has created creatures out of trash in his project Eco Station and sets them against epic landscapes, making them the appearance of giant aliens exploring a new world.   

You can check out the making of Eco Station here

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Magazine Spreads : Space

I had a project to design 2 spreads and a cover for a magazine called “Space”, we could choose what our space is. I chose the space “in” my head. My thoughts, etc.

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The Eco Zoo.


The Eco Zoo is a 3D story pop-up website (if thats how you can label it) that deals with environmental issues, Flash is integrated into the website efficiently and creatively and is not used for just “show”. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Flash and I would rather designing and looking at HTML only websites. The Eco Zoo is a very experimental site and I doubt you’ll find many websites like it, you can play around with virtually anything, rotating the world in any direction you choose. Visit it, play around with it, it’ll make your day a whole lot better.

The Eco Zoo.



Kootoob is a blog that tries to shine the light on talented illustrators, animators and creative visual works from Lebanon. There are pages and pages of really interesting and creative pieces of work from Lebanese artists.

Go over there and take a look, you’ll be amazed and what you’ll find.

And if you know any artists, make sure they submit something to Kootoob, they could get published.